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Useful advice for travelers to Uganda

Traveling to any country, people should know the cultural and historical context, at least a little bit. It is the biggest misbelief that people are almost the same in different parts of the world and their life rules are alike. That’s why for comfortable and safe traveling it’s always a good idea to learn some facts beforehand. Be better prepared and informed and you can show your respect to the country you visit.

There is a great number of myths and misconceptions about Africa. Some of them are like from the horrors, others are too far from the truth. But there is just a simple list of rules to know as in any foreign country. Speaking about Uganda and its cultural context nowadays, we have to advise you to keep all your precious things with you and do not leave them around. Do not walk alone at night and buy tours with professional guides. In Uganda modest clothes is more appreciated. According to the climate there, it’s better to dress in cotton. When traveling to the African country the tourists should think about 3 points: currency, safety and health.

 What should you know about money in Uganda? First of all, the banks and currency exchanges are just in the big towns. Paying for accommodation you can use Visa or MasterCard, hotels and lodges honor a card. Take cash in small denominations with you too for tips, for example. As for currency, Us dollars are accepted, except old ones and of high denomination. It may bring a small discomfort.

Safety is very important in foreign country, especially in Africa. Despite Uganda is very safe for tourism, run by your guides, they know for sure all the traditions, the conditions and potentially unsafe areas. You can walk in cities, parks and excursions, but avoid deserted areas. The wildlife is much more closer than you can picture it. Health problems can be easily avoided by consulting with your doctor before your travel for advice. Before the trip, it is worth getting vaccinated for yellow fever, which ensures the safety of tourists around the world in countries with tropical climates. Also, prevention of malaria will be useful. As for food and water, there is an abundance of products familiar to the tourists. In Uganda shopping is well-organized. You can find small shops, mini-markets and open-air markets in the streets of any town. There is an interesting fact about buying fizzy drinks in bottles. Tourists are usually followed by a boy, till they finish drinking because you should return a bottle to the shop you bought it at. That’s why the boy helps you not to turn back to the shop.

Of course, don’t forget your passport. Relating to visa, it needs to figure out because the requirements of the Ugandan embassy vary according to the nationality of the tourists. One more important thing is travel insurance. Take care about suitable insurance before the departure. It should cover any medical situation, canceling or changing of arrangements and baggage.

Last, but not least – photography question.  It is allowed to take photos in Uganda, except for the objects connected with the government and the army. Bring additional memory cards and batteries if it’s necessary, they are not available everywhere. We advise asking permission for photo shooting in residents. Unfortunately, drones are not allowed in the conservation areas, the wildlife is highly protected from the harmful impact.

All in all, now you are forewarned, forearmed. Good luck in planning your trip to Uganda. Talk to the travel specialist, make reservations and let it be your perfect experience. We are sure that Uganda is an excellent place for traveling and getting new and sincere emotions.